About us

We are a team of 5 geography students from Queen Mary, University of London researching glaciers and glacial change. We will be spending over a month on expedition to Iceland this summer (2013) to investigate the processes operating at the margins of several glaciers.

Abigail Aldridge


Blog / Twitter / Email: a.r.aldridge@hss11.qmul.ac.uk

Abigail is a second year undergraduate student at Queen Mary, University of London. She is particularly interested in glacier response to climate and the factors influencing glacial retreat. In Iceland, she is planning to determine diurnal trends in glacier melt.

Abigail plans to do so by measuring meltwater discharge at the glacier margin and comparing this to observed meteorological variables on the glacier.

When not studying, Abigail enjoys swimming, traveling and volunteering as a Geography Ambassador for the Royal Geographical Society.

John Groves (Expedition leader)


Blog / Twitter / Email: j.w.e.groves@qmul.ac.uk

John is a first year PhD student at Queen Mary, University of London and studies the properties of sediments at the micro scale. While in Iceland, he hopes to gather samples of sediment deposited and deformed by glaciers, in order to reconstruct some of the glacial history of the area.

John is using a pioneering technique in sedimentology called X-ray computed microtomography which allows sediment to be analysed in three dimensions at the micro scale. You can read about this and more at John’s Blog.

When not on fieldwork, John enjoys climbing, running, reading and playing the drums; occasionally all at the same time.

Maryum Kureeman


Email: m.kureeman@hss11.qmul.ac.uk

Maryum is a 2nd year undergraduate studying BSc Geography at Queen Mary, University of London. When in Iceland, she will be studying subglacial processes acting beneath the glacier. She hopes to collect samples and analyse them at a micro scale, using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray computed microtomography to identify deformation features, lithology, mineralogy, grain size and water content of the samples. In her spare time, Maryum likes to socialize, eat food, play the guitar and rock climb.

Laura Nott


Email: l.nott@hss11.qmul.ac.uk

Laura is currently in her second year studying Geography BSc at Queen Mary, University of London. While in Iceland she is hoping to analyse the effects that supra-glacial rafted debris is having on the rate of ablation.

In order to conduct her research, Laura is going to be measuring diurnally the supra-glacial discharge cycles throughout the meltwater season to quantify the relationship – if there is any.  Laura is also interested in looking at other factors which may be influencing supra-glacial discharge cycles, such as ice roughness and the surface albedo.

Other things Laura enjoys are playing the piano and guitar, swimming and she is also addicted to traveling!

Jonathan Wheatland


Email: j.a.t.wheatland.qmul.ac.uk

Jonny is in his first year of his PhD at Queen Mary, University of London and is looking to develop a new technique for investigating the 3D properties of sedimentary materials at the nano-scale using focused ion beam electron microscopy (FIB-SEM).

Previous studies using 2D microscopy techniques have investigated aquatic sediments, namely flocs and aggregates, and have sought to gain a better understanding of the process of flocculation. However, few studies have been undertaken to investigate this in cold environments. Additionally, the 2D nature of the data collect by past studies only allows a glimpse of the structural complexity of floc material. The aim of Jonny’s project is therefore to investigate the structural characteristics of flocs within cold environments using FIB-SEM.

Whilst not at Queen Mary’s, Jonny likes running, bouldering, walking and reading.


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